How to Register a Business

The registration of business entities/branches is mandatory in order for them to conduct business in Georgia. The registration is carried out by the National Agency of Public Registry, a legal entity under public law within the Ministry of Justice of Georgia ( and all services needed for the business registration are provided by the Public Registry through the Public Service Hall ( Upon registration, business entities/branch

An application: to be completed in the presence of a representative of the Public Registry; • The charter: it should include all essential information on the business entity/branch, indication of its legal form, names of shareholders, information on authorized representative(s), legal address, e-mail, etc. It must be signed by every founder of the business entity/branch, notarised and certified with apostille/legalised in accordance with the laws of the founder’s country of residence. • Consent from the relevant person on becoming the authorized representative of a business entity/ branch; • A document confirming the legal address of the business entity/branch: a copy of a lease agreement or a letter from a Georgian landlord certifying the legal address of the business entity/branch is necessary. This document must be notarised by a Georgian notary. If the document is signed in the presence of a Public Registry representative, notarisation is not needed.


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