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Georgian Co-Investment Fund

In 2013 a group of Georgian and International investors has established new 6 bln USD private investment fund in Georgia “Georgian Co-Investment Fund”.

GCF has several priority sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing, agriculture, logistics and hydro energy.

The LPs of the GCF are prominent members of the international and domestic investment communities, including ultra-high net worth individuals such as Mr. Bidzina Ivanishvili, sovereign wealth funds, and major global corporations and private family offices from the United Arab Emirates, China, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kazakhstan inter alia.

The Fund is a dedicated investment vehicle for international investors wishing to pursue opportunities in Georgia, with any portfolio company requiring at least 80% of its assets to be invested in the country.

The fund aims to make up to 75% equity investment in projects with the size of 5 mln USD and above.

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International Financial Organizations

EBRD – European Bank of Reconstruction and Development -

IFC – International Finance Corporation -

EIB – European Investment Bank -

ADB – Asian Development Bank –

Business Associations

BAG – Business Association of Georgia -

GCCI – The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Georgia -

DWV – Deutsche Wirtschaftsvereinigung (German Business Association) -

GEA – Georgian Employer’s Association -

GSMEA – Georgian Small and Medium Enterprises Association -

ICC – The Georgian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce -

Commercial Banks


JSC Bank "Republic"-
JSC "Privatbank" -
JSC "TBC Bank" -
JSC "Bank of Georgia" -
JSC "Liberty Bank" -
JSC "Basisbank" -
JSC "VTB Bank – (Georgia)" -
JSC "Cartu Bank" -
JSC "Procredit Bank" -
JSC "Silk Road Bank" -
JSC "Capital Bank" -
JSC "The International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia" -
JSC "Ziraat Bank A.S., Tbilisi Branch" -
JSC "Caucasus Development Bank - Georgia" -
JSC "Turkey Isbank A.S Batumi branch" -
JSC "Progress Bank" -
JSC "Terabank" -  
JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" -
JSC "PASHA Bank Georgia" -
JSC “Finca Bank Georgia” -

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